Sabtu, 5 Disember 2015

First Impression & Review : St.Ives Blachead Clearing Green Tea Scrub & Temulawak Sun protection cream

Assalamualaikum hey guys , todays post will be my third first impresion..First of all I NEVER use this brand and I'm so excited to try this I hope it will works well , and try to communicate with my skin really well..^^So furthermore , Lets move on to first product it is

Temulawak Sun Protection cream

First of all I never have sunscreen and I wanted to find one..and I searched in Instagram to find Korean sunscreen as you all know Korean always wear sunscreen in their daily life..I keep searching and I saw thiss product it is in Mydin..I never heard about this brand..Im so excited to try this and the packaging are so cute..oh forget to mention..actually this price are so CHEAP it cost RM5.36 and it so cheap ^^

and the textures of this cream are so light , when I apply to my face it is a little bit oily ..when it dry it will give me a perfect layer to protect my skin...

 St.Ives Blachead Clearing Green Tea Scrub

I heard this brand are from youtubers name Mali I think , She showed in her skincare routine and When I look at it I should buy this product..and I managed to buy this product..AND I went to guardian to find scrub and this calling me to buy this..Before I buy that product I wanted to tell you I really have a TERRIBLE  BLACKHEAD I not often get a acne..but this blackhead it kinda like a soak in my skin ..and hard to go I found this product ..I prayed I hope thsi product it will work for me..When I got home and I tried this product..and the texture are so soft..and smell like green tea.. so I scrub to my face..the scrub are not make my face so rough it gives me some whitening and get rid of that gold little things that doesn't go out for 3 years..Finally !!


See you in my nesxt post ^^

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