Jumaat, 2 Oktober 2015

My school makeup (step to becoming a beauty gurus ?)

assalamualaikum hey guys today I'm gonna do my school makeup so sorry because I filming this video before I'm going to school so..in this video i always look at the clock cuz i will be late..and my voice is husky cuz I don't eat yet so here you o..I think this video is my favourite !! Hope you enjjoyed this annoying video ^^


                                    ASSALAMUALAIKUM , 16yrsold


right after my birthday it was year endd exam ....!URGHH exam will started and I don't ready ! Maybe I should study now..but I'm so LAZY what I'am saying ??!! YOU SHOULD ALEESYA ! anyways did you watched my video ? hihi out of topic ..oh..I have finished my ACCOUNT PROJECT IT WAS SO STRESSFUL PROJECT THAT I EVER DO ..I hope when I read this post one day maybe I blank there is a lot think in my mind right now..I should editing , posting video a lot..and I should make some money then...urghhh ! I hope what I struggle right now it will worth it for the future ^^