Rabu, 10 Disember 2014

♡♡Gifts from Mintlaces Giveaway ! ♡♡

I forgot to write in my blog..I can't expected when i hear that i won the giveaway..so here's the picture ♡♡ But I didn't upload it on youtube so sorry ...>_< I never win any giveaway before ..thank you so much Isabelle for giving oppurtunity to me to try out Korean beauty products..

Ahad, 2 November 2014



So sad to leave my friends cuz I will moved in KL ..Hope when I grow up I WILL meet them...Hoping that I will opened up my own boutique so.. my old friends will come my boutique and I will gave them discount or for free..Hope I will become a guitarist and I will invite my friends to come on my concert...My friends if u see this ..Hope we will meet up again shall we ?

pt3 freeedommm !!

huii ~ lega tak kira la....pt3 dah abis....perghhhh ..memang lega...lepas pt 3 hari jadi saye...jadi special sikitt..tapi tak dapat banyak hadiah...tambah tambah lagi...dapat hadiah dari channel mintlaces....dapat hadiah skincare dari korea....perghh memang meloncat tak kira lah....bile tengokk jer video ni melompat tak habis..nangis terharu sume ade...yang ni hadiah yang mungkin saye dapatt...okay sampai sini sahaje...

assalamualaikum , anyeong ^^

Jumaat, 14 Mac 2014

Girls Generation Comeback !


Hey , Mr. Mr. hha >< I'm so in love about girls generation newest song ! It so electronic dramatic I guess the Music video it so AWESOME ! Their outfits in the video is  pinky sexy doctor uniform ahh ~ so so in love with that ..their makeup , outfits it up-to-date I have been fan of this group since I was in primary school...IF you doesn't see their MV ..you should go check out ^^