Rabu, 24 Jun 2015

Bipolar & Depresion


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Hey guys I just watched Michelle phan pllow talk video..in her video all the question are the question that I want to ask mish..finally they are people ask her.. really thankful because before this I doesn't have a internet ..you should watch her video...

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But.. I know my story is a bit not suitable in that title but I just want to tell you a story that I should tell..I have my sister who always looking pretty while going out..and I looking simple..I just wearing my jeans , my flat shoes , my black shawl , my big long sleeves t shirt....One day , she recognizes that I wearing old fashion clothes.. My dreams is to become a Fashion Designer who can continued my grandmother sewing skills..I ALWAYS look simple because I doesn't have time to like wearing fancy things or stuff like that ..and one thing I have to take care my younger sister.. before going out for dinner or something I should wash her milk bottles ..put hot water in the flask..I'M so tired..before going out..and when I enter the car my sistee said " You should wear nicely because you said you want to be a fashion designer " She doesn't know my feeling ..I have to help my mother.. I know that she's staying at Hostel a.ka. dorm..in her aschool..She always come home when imporatnt holiday only..ahh... I'm so stress and hurt and she said I'M OLD FASHION..

And now I tried to wear nicely I set my mind to always think POSITIVE

So I hope you enjoy my non fun ridicilous story.. I hope you follow me to give some support
And I will see you on my next post I guess Assalamualaikum BYE ^^

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